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Agronomy News
Although Lygus bugs are generally not an issue for most crops, they can cause serious injury to field peas if pod feeding occurs. Read More

Following the severe storms last week, Illinois soybean producers are beginning to notice seedling damage due to two soil-borne pathogens. Read More

Those yellow corn patches could be due to corn nematodes. Read More

Fertilizer, seed, and chemical costs represent a sizable portion of the total costs of producing corn. Read More

Although the common stalk borer is considered a minor pest, it can cause issues in the border rows of fields. Read More

The Corn Growing Degree Day (GDD) Tool can help decide if a shorter day variety may be needed. Read More

Many farmers grow corn and soybean in rotation to avoid the continuous corn yield penalty, but now there’s another reason to rotate. Read More

Delayed corn planting could affect manure application. Read More

Due to the late planting season in 2018, growers are becoming more and more worried about potential yield losses due to planting delays. Read More

Winter wheat growers will soon be applying herbicides to manage weeds in their wheat fields. Read More