Country Partners Cooperative



Effective immediately, we will begin offering FREE STORAGE on corn or soybeans at participating Country Partners locations.
The following guidelines apply:

  • Only new bushels are eligible (NO in-store bushels)
  • Grain must be delivered to participating locations (so call ahead)
    o Known exclusions at this time include Arnold
  • Grain must be priced versus our nearby bids (NO forward contracting in-store bushels)
  • All grain must be priced by August 30, 2018; otherwise it will be priced on the 8:30 am open Friday, August 31, 2018
  • All normal Delayed Price policies apply
  • We reserve the right to amend or discontinue this program at any time

We ask that those wishing to participate in this program notify us when they’ve finished hauling so we can be sure to get their grain into the program and the necessary paperwork completed. Thank you!

Please contact your nearest Country Partners location representative if you have any questions, concerns or wish to participate.