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What is a cooperative?  Learn about cooperatives and their importance in our world today. Nebraska Cooperative Council Video
Grower Meetings
Country Partners will be hosting 4 grower meetings in March, featuring Jim Hedges from Winfield United.
Happy Retirement to Dode Haynes
Country Partners wishes a Happy Retirement to Dode Haynes, Gothenburg Agronomy.  Dode has contributed 20+ years to the cooperative & will be greatly missed!  Good Luck Dode!   Pictured is Gregg Anderson-Agronomy Location Manager, Dode Haynes, Mark Ballmer-VP of Agr
Country Partners Trial Results:
Toggle and Optify Stretch Irrigated Trial
Nebraska Cooperatives Videos
This video series covers such topics as: What is a co-op, What is patronage, What is an equity redemption, and much more.
Consider Label Restrictions for Corn and Soybean Insecticides
Growers harvesting or grazing drought- and storm-damaged corn and soybeans for livestock feed need to be alert to label restrictions of any insecticides applied to these crops.
Realistic Renewable Fuel Standard Attainable
The nation likely can produce federally mandated levels of biofuels in 2014 if the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reduces its requirements by 2.3 billion gallons, Purdue University energy policy specialist Wally Tyner says.
Short Corn Crop, Long Price Tail: Are We There Yet?
The drought-reduced U.S. corn crop of 2012 created expectations that corn prices would follow a “short crop, long tail” price pattern characterized by a price peak early in the marketing year followed by an unpredictable pattern of declining prices and a return to pre-drought price levels, said University of Illinois agricultural economist Darrel Good.