Country Partners Cooperative


Warden CX with Optimize 
Soybean Seed Treatment


  • Enhanced Disease and Insect Protection
  • Contains Sedaxane, the first fungicide developed exclusively for seed treatment
  • Incorporates the active ingredient from Cruiser® for patented vigor effect

  • All the benefits of an inoculant with enhanced root system development
  • Earlier and increased nodule development for improved nitrogen fixation
  • Improved vigor, stand, and emergence
  • LCO Promoter enhances plant’s nutritional capabilities which drives the natural growth process

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2017 Test Plot Data

Grain Sorghum Results

Corn Plot Results
Irrigated Corn Plot Results
 Non Irrigated Corn Results

Soybean Plot Results

Battle Creek Test Plot - HT-28 SoybeanSPT-24 SoybeanSPT-28 SoybeanSPT-32 Soybean

Soybean Irrigated Results

Non Irrigated Soybean Results

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