Free Storage – Gothenburg or Farnam

Effective immediately, Country Partners will begin offering FREE STORAGE to anyone interested in hauling farm-stored corn or beans to Gothenburg or Farnam. Only these two locations are eligible at this time.

Please be aware of the following guidelines & restrictions……..

  • Only new delivered bushels are eligible (NO earlier delivered in-store bushels)
  • Participation may be subject to quality limitations (high moisture, damage, etc) and space availability
  • Grain delivered under this FREE STORAGE program is subject to current Price Later policies, which include…..
    • All grain must be priced by September 30th, 2021 during normal trading hours of the CBOT
    • Otherwise, Country Partners will price all unsold bushels in this program on Price Later at the 8:30 am CST market open the next business day or when markets next resume trading
  • Pricing must be done versus Country Partners nearby bids (NO FORWARD CONTRACTING IN-STORE BUSHELS)
  • We reserve the right to amend or discontinue this FREE STORAGE program at any time
  • Those wishing to participate must notify us of their intentions to participate at or before the first load is delivered AND let us know when they are finished so State required paperwork may be written up

Questions, please contact your local Country Partners grain accountant.

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