Grain Contracts

You have several options available when it’s time to market your grain. Check out what Country Partners Cooperative has to offer! We’re much more than just a place to sell grain across the scale and pick up a check. Plus, we’re always looking for other marketing alternatives that bring more money to your bottom line.

Commonly Used Contracts

  • Cash, Forward Contract, Basis Fixed, Futures First (aka Hedge to arrive involve additional service fees), Delayed Price, Open Storage, Warehouse Receipt & Deferred Payment.
  • Firm Bid Offers: If you’re not sure today’s price is where you would like to sell/buy, you can put in a firm offer for the number of bushels and price at which you would like to sell/buy. Your offer is monitored by us, and depending on the quantity, will trade during both night and day sessions. See Grain Offer Policies
  • Direct Ship Program: If you are tired of making phone calls to multiple locations for bids, call Jeff or Jim at Country Partners and tell them what markets you are interested in taking grain to and the price you’re looking for. Our Direct Ship Program allows you to get end user (ethanol plant, feedlot etc.) pricing on your grain while still doing business with your local coop. Once a location and price are established, just deliver the grain under Country Partners’ name, bring us a copy of the tickets, and we will get you paid. 

Specialty Contracts

  • Minimum Price: Set a minimum price for your contract by buying a call option after selling your grain. This contract stops storage, gives the producer a floor (“minimum”) price and leaves your contract open for upward price mobility. Small service charges apply
  • Premium Offer: Add a premium or “push” in the price of old crop grain in exchange for a firm offer on an equivalent number of new crop bushels at a specific strike price, usually at a premium to current market value. The expiration dates in these contracts can be chosen in a manner that allows producers to know their new crop obligations prior to harvest.
  • Daily Price Plus: Price equal quantities daily at a “Plus Price” above the current market on day one. If your futures reference month trades at or below the trigger price, the remaining quantity will be priced at a guaranteed floor price. If the reference futures price is at or above the target price at expiration, your bushel obligation doubles at the target price.
  • Foundation Contract: Combine the wisdom of pricing bushels on a daily basis with the protection of a floor price for a powerful marketing tool. One advantage of this contract is that it can be done for any quantity of bushels; no minimum of bushels required. Also, these contracts cost less than exchange-traded puts or calls, and do not require additional marketing decisions.
  • Price Builder Bonus Contract: Market bushels every day of a contract period at a floor price level above the futures level that exists at the time the contract is created. If futures dip to a predetermined knockout price, the contract ends. If the futures market is at or above the target price on expiration, your bushel obligation doubles. Advantages of this contract include the ability to sell bushels above current futures values and to contract any quantity of bushels; no minimum of bushels required.
  • Average Period: Price equal portions of your grain over a predetermined number of weeks. The period of time selected to market your grain can be tailored to take advantage of seasonal pricing opportunities. A 5 cent per bushel service charge applies.
  • Extended Price: Delivered bushels are priced and re-owned by taking a long (buy) futures position, which is tied to the original priced contract. Partial payment may then be taken, subject to current policies. Monthly storage charges are eliminated but the customer has penny for penny downside risk until liquidating (selling) their futures position. A 5 cent per bushel service charge applies. Futures positions may not be rolled.
  • Pro-Advantage: Managed marketing program through Russell Consulting. Contact us for details.

For information on these contracts and programs as well as any other questions, please reach out to our grain originators.

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