Country Partners Board Of Directors

In the 2021 Election for the Board of Directors, the director seats for the West District held by Seth Gruber and John Keller and East District held by Jim Eschliman and Bill Dodds were up for election. Jim Eschliman retired from the board and was the only incumbent who did not seek re-election.

The election results were announced Friday, February 25, 2022 at the Annual Meeting. Seth Gruber and John Keller were elected in the West District and Bill Dodds and John Krohn were elected in the East District.

Immediately following the Annual Meeting, the Board elected officers for the upcoming term. The current Country Partners Board of Directors are:

Tim Rowe, Chairman
Bill Dodds, 1st Vice Chair
Seth Gruber, 2nd Vice Chair
Tony Murphy, Secretary
Tim Easterday
John Keller
John Krohn
Ken Ryan
Rod Schaeffer
Ryan Sukraw
Jeffrey Waltman
Jason Lamb, Associate
Travis Ostergard, Associate

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