Country Partners retires 4.1 million dollars in member equity

Gothenburg, NE- Country Partners Cooperative is excited to announce a $4.1 million retirement of members equity. This will continue the tradition of keeping the 15 year revolver up to date. “By continuing to retire equity at such a high level we are able to benefit our owners in the true cooperative spirit,” said Country Partners CEO Chris Wagner. Over the last 8 years Country Partners has returned $45 million to our members through patronage and equity retirement. Wagner also mentioned, “We are able to continuously be profitable and stay up to date with the revolver every year because of our member-owners doing business with us. It is a main priority of our Board to make sure Country Partners brings value to its members.”

Country Partners has a strong history of being fiscally responsible. Tim Rowe, Chairman of the Board, say’s, “The board is committed to continuing to be profitable and incentivize the members who own this cooperative. It is important to us that our members feel there is a benefit to doing business with us.” Country Partners is proud to continue to serve the farmers and ranchers across their territory. The Board of Directors remains dedicated to investing in facilities and equipment across the cooperative while rewarding members for their ownership and commitment.

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