Monsanto Dicamba Training Events

We are currently in the process of lining up venues and dates for the Monsanto Dicamba Training Events.  We are planning on having training events at 13 locations across Nebraska.  Many of the locations will offer both a morning and afternoon session.  The training will last around 2 hours.


  1. Dates and venues have been set for the items in green.  These have been submitted and should be showing up on the website in the next 2-3 days.  We hope to have most of the items in white scheduled by the end of the week.


  2. We will be using the “Cvent system” to register participants.  This system uses email addresses to register and to provide training completion certificates back to participants for their records.  We want to pre-register as many participants as possible.


  3. Participants can register for one of these training events at  Please direct them to this site to find and register for dicamba training events.  Please encourage them to check the site frequently and pre-register.  Pre-registration will speed up the check in process at the events.


Monsanto Dicamba Training Registration Process

  1. Go to
  2. On the left panel select Dicamba Training
  3. On the Dicamba Training page, scroll down and select Register Here
  4. On the Monsanto-Provide Dicamba Application Requirements Training page, set the search parameters (e.g. zip code, state, month, etc.) and click the Apply button.
  5. Select event link in the calendar and follow the registration steps.

Monsanto Dicamba Training Events

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