Producer Health Benefits

We are proud to announce that Country Partners Cooperative is offering the Nebraska Cooperative Farmer Member Health Plan, established by Land O’Lakes, to make health benefits easier and more affordable for our members. For 2019, eligible Country Partners members will have access to a range of competitively-priced health benefit plans, ranging from limited to comprehensive coverage, through health benefits company, Gravie. 

Why choose the Nebraska Cooperative Farmer Member Health Plan?

  1. On average 20-35% less than comparable individual market plans
  2. Access to a broad, national network
  3. No fees to join and no re-rating based on individual health history

Who can enroll?

Country Partners self-employed members, along with owners and employees of farms belonging to the co-op, are eligible for the Nebraska Cooperative Farmer Member Health Plan. Eligible members must be located in Nebraska, conduct at least $5,000 in business with the co-op and actively work in production agriculture.

When can I enroll?

For coverage beginning January 1, you can choose and enroll in your plan October 29, 2018 to December 21, 2018.

How do I enroll?

During Open Enrollment, call 844-538-4690 to speak with a Gravie representative or visit and click “Get Started.”

How do I find doctors in my network?

Visit to see which health care providers are in network.

How do I learn more?

Call 844-538-4690, email or go to

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