Seasonal Average Contract

Seasonal Average Contract

In an attempt to capitalize on better prices during the Spring/Early Summer months, Country Partners is offering a New Crop 2017 Seasonal Average Contract that runs for 23 weeks, February 15th to July 19th.

All bushels committed will be divided by 23 with a portion sold every Wednesday at the close of Marketing hours.  At the end of the program all sales will be averaged together and the final average will be the futures price of the bushels enrolled in the contract.  You still retain control of your basis, with the ability to set it any time prior to delivery.  Cost of the contract is $.05

If interested, or any questions, please call Jimmy in Gothenburg, 308-537-7141 or Jeff in Ord, 402-499-5568, and they would be happy to help you out. 

Don’t forget, final signup deadline is February 10th, 2017!!

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