Free Storage For Producers Interested In Delivering Farm-Stored Corn Or Soybeans To Eligible CPC Locations

Jan 23, 2024

Country Partners is offering FREE STORAGE to producers interested in delivering farm-stored corn or soybeans to eligible CPC locations.

EXCLUSIONS INCLUDE: Greeley (NO beans), Midway (NO beans), Ord (NO beans) and Arnold (NO corn or beans).

Please be aware of the following guidelines & restrictions:

  • ONLY NEW BUSHELS are eligible.  NO earlier delivered bushels already in-store.
  • Participation may be restricted due to quality (high moisture, high FM, damage, etc) & space availability, so please check with the location you will deliver too.
  • Grain delivered under this program will receive FREE STORAGE through October 31st, 2024
  • LIKE LAST WINTER’S PRICE LATER PROGRAM, grain in this program not sold/priced by Thursday, October 31st, 2024 will roll into the Price Later program offered at that time.  Terms & rates changing to those in force November 1st, 2024, including service charges (storage) accrual and future pricing date(s). 
  • Producers WILL NOT BE FORCED TO SELL GRAIN until sometime later 2025 (TBD with next fall’s policies).
  • All marketing decisions for grain in this program remain in the producer’s control.
  • Pricing must be done versus the respective location nearby/spot bid during normal trading hours of the Chicago Board of Trade.
  • Forward Contracting in-store bushels is NOT ALLOWED.
  • Early delivery and participation in this Free Storage Program with intentions to fill already established Forward Contracts is NOT ALLOWED (unless pre-approval given).
  • We reserve the right to amend or discontinue this Free Storage program at any time, without early notice.
  • Interested producers must notify us of their intentions to participate before or at the time first loads are delivered .  ALSO let us know when you’ve finished delivering so required paperwork may be immediately completed.
  • KEEP IN MIND, title to grain placed on Price Later immediately passes to Country Partners & no Warehouse Receipts can be issued, which may affect government payments or loan eligibility.
  • Please remember to sign and return all grain contracts at your soonest convenience.
Please contact Gary Hartley, Jamie Thompson or Scott Hillius for more information or to answer any additional questions.

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